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A Trusted Name In
Bottled Water Industry

Maxium Purity

Due to the importance of water in our life we give 99.99% pure water to our customers.

5 Steps Filtration

Water has different types of impurity. 5 steps filtration removes all the impurity of the water.

Cholorine Free

We serve our water chlorine free to think about clients' lives since chlorine causes serious damage to our health.

Quality Certified

Our water quality is certified in several countries (BD, USA, UK, UAE) due to the purity of the water.

Bottles We Deliver

We now deliver different types of bottled water.To Drink the best water please come to us and give us order and take safe and sound water for you.

Helping To Improve

Another name for water is life. we want to help you to improve your water quality.So that you and your family can drink pure, healthy and safe water. We are trying our best to give you these services.

Uaques Basic Water



2.5 mg/L

To purify water 2.5mg potassium is needed for every litter.



0.5 mg/L

0.5mg fluoride is needed to purify 1 litter of  water.



350a mg/L

To purify water give 35oa mg chlorine for every litter of water...



14.5 mg/L

14.5mg of magnesium will be required to purify every litter…


2 mg/L


157 mg/L


5.6 mg/L


0.4 mg/L

Bottled Water Delivery & Service

We give our services to more than 10 countries. We give our delivery service using more than 50 couriers within 2hr in anywhere in the city.
  • Hygenic and Ergonomic Bottles
  • Free Delivery On Weekends
  • 5 Steps Filtration Plants
  • Best For Health & Hydration

Our Testimonials

Why people believe in us is because we do not believe in word of mouth we believe in work. We try to give you the best thats why some of our clients give us a testimonials

The News
About Uaques

Warehouse receipt system gets Sh238m IFC support

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is offering technical advisory services to Kenya’s Warehouse Receipt System Council (WRSC) in a Sh237.5 million ($1.9 million) deal that will include helping mobilize private sector investment into the recently established system. The IFC said in disclosures published last week that the three-year advisory programme which will run until August […]

Netherlands to support warehouse system in North Rift

The Netherlands will support the implementation of the Warehouse Receipt System to reduce post-harvest losses and enhance production in North Rift. Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of the Netherlands Joris Bommel said the system would be a solution to the long-standing storage challenges faced by farmers and aggregators of farm produce across the […]

Trusted Partners

Natural water, Fresh Water, mineral water they are working with us. They work with us because we are giving them fresh, safe, pure and healthy water with trust and honesty.