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How to Apply for Certification

How to Apply for Certification

is the first step of licensing a warehouse operator. Any person who intends to operate a warehouse under the Warehouse Receipt System (WRS) is required to apply for a Certificate of Conformity from the Warehouse Receipt System Council (WRSC). The sample of the application form is in the WRS Regulations, 2021 under Form 1A of the First Schedule.

Upon application, the Council shall look at the following;

  1. If the applicant is a limited company/legal entity registered in Kenya;

  2. If the applicant has a good business plan for the intended warehouse business;

  3. If the applicant has demonstrated financial capability to raise capital, acquire necessary infrastructure and can carry out operations for 3 years;

  4. If the person can provide a performance bond (which is 10% of the value of the commodity intended for storage.) This will be surrendered to the respective County Government while applying for a License.)

  5. If the applicant has qualified personnel, such as weighers, graders, etc.

  6. If the person has paid Ksh. 1000 for the Certificate to the Council.

The Council will then issue a Certificate of Conformity within 14 days. The Certificate of Conformity is required for a Warehouse Operator to apply for a License from the County Government to operate the warehousing business and issue warehouse receipts.